Homophones for vairy, vary, very

vairy / vary / very [ˈveiri]

vairy – adj. & n. – of a coat of arms, having multiple colours or tinctures

vary – v. – change, become different

very – adv. – to a great or high degree; truly; absolutely; actually; in actual fact

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Vairy or Vair

These terms are closely related but not interchangeable. 

Since the Middle Ages, these intricate fur patterns or patterns based on the bi-colour fur patterns form a part of  the history of heraldry. Some think of family crests and coats-of-arms have been growing over the centuries. But many are not ancient. 

Consider many of the Canadian crests that incorporate Indigenous designs and Canadian flora and fauna. These reflect the Medieval heritage and innovative integration of historical and recent features. 


This short word became famous when Queen Elizabeth used it to reflect her position. Apparently, it has been become part of the royal repertoire. It will be interesting to see where else it will pop up.


Unlike the rare term above, this form is found all over the place. It intensifies adjectives... and so much more.

Just be careful to not confuse it with AI applications.