Homophone Activities

You don’t need to be in school to enjoy word games.

People of all ages do play with words and use them to communicate more effectively.

You may want to try your hand at homophone quizzes, or homophone worksheets, or crossword puzzles…the list can be quite long.

The objective is to not only enjoy the process but challenge our understanding of the language as well.

Some of these are long. Some short. All written here at homophone central where you can go deeper into the database (once it is fully activated) and just explore.

You may want to do these for school or business or just to relax.


Here's an Example to get you started...

After the storm, a rainbow formed an ___ in the purple sky. a) arc b) ark c) arque answer: a - arc An arc is a segment of a circle. An ark is a type of box whether large or small An arque is a dance position. The only one of the three that we usually apply to people.