Homophones for
marri, marry, mere, merry

marri / marry / mere / merry [ˈmɛri:]

marri – n. – a red gum tree, Eucalyptus calophylla, from western Australia

marry – v. – 1. legally enter into a state of matrimony; 2. officiate at a wedding; 3. join or blend two different things together

mere – n. – 1. a miniature Maori war club fashioned of greenstone and worn as an ornament; 2. a flat, short Maori war club of any material
Do Not Confuse With mere [mi:r] – adj., n. & v. – adj. – 1. renowned, beautiful; 2. unmixed, pure, unadulterated, only; n. – 1. the sea; 2. a mother; 3. a boundary; 4. a linear seam of ore; 5. a mermaid; v. – 1. purify, refine; 2. delineate a boundary

merry – adj., n. & v. – adj. of an event, condition or state that caused pleasure or delight; n. – a gean or wild cherry, Prunus avium; v. – act or play in a happy or pleasant manner