Homophones for
marquees, marquis, marquise

marquees / marquis / marquise [marˈki:z]

marquees – n. pl. of marquee – 1. a large tent for social or commercial functions; 2. a canopy projecting over the main entrance of a building and often used for signage

marquis – n. – 1. a nobleman ranking below a duke and above a count or earl; 2. the eldest son of a British or Irish duke who takes his father’s second title as a courtesy; 3. a type of autumn dessert pear; 4. a North American variety of spring wheat; 5. a three-cornered woman’s hat

marquise – n. – 1. a marchioness; 2. a ring set with a pointed oval gem or cluster of gems; 3. an oval cut of a jewel; 4. a small settee for two people