Homophones for marc, mark, marque

marc / mark / marque [mark]

marc – n. – 1. the pulp, skins, seeds that remain after juice has been extracted from fruit; 2. a fermented drink made from these and water

mark – n. & v. – n. – 1. a boundary, limit; 2. History – a tract of land held in common; 3. History – a form of currency; 4. a token put down by a dealer; 5. an object that serves an indication of location; 6. an indicator, an omen; 7. a distinguishing feature; 8. a notation, written character or symbol, a sign, insignia; 9. slang the victim of a con; v. – 1. set boundaries, locate, situate; 2. identify; 3. fashion, make; 4. stamp, brand, cut, stain, tattoo; 5. score dough or pastry before baking; 6. have distinctive characteristics

marque – n. – 1. retribution, reprisal; 2. a privateer; 3. a license given by the government of one country allowing private merchants to arm ships and attack enemy merchant ships – legalized piracy; 4. a model or brand