Homophones for
manakin, manikin, mannequin, mannikin

manakin / manikin / mannequin / mannikin [ˈmænəkɪn]

manakin – n. – 1. any of several, small, fruit-eating passerine birds of the family, Pipridae, native to the tropical regions of the Americas, usually brightly coloured; 2. medieval armor – a type of glove worn by soldiers in the 12th century AD

manikin – adj. & n. – adj. – diminutive, undersized; n. – 1. a small representation of a person; 2. an adult of short stature; 3. a model of the human body used in teaching anatomy and medically related disciplines especially in simulated situations

mannequin – n. – 1. a dressmaker or their employee; 2. someone who models clothes; 3. a model of a human figure used to display clothes

mannikin – any of numerous small waxbills of the genus Lonchura, usually having brown, black and white feathers