Homophones for
mallie (malie), mole, molly (mollie), moly

mallie (malie) / mole / molly (mollie) / moly [mɔli:]

mallie (malie, mali) – n. – an Indian gardener

mole – n. – a highly spiced sauce made principally of chile and chocolate but containing numerous other ingredients and served with meat (as beef or turkey)
Do Not Confuse With mole [mo:l] – n. – 1. a discoloured spot on fabric; 2. a large mass; 3. a small, burrowing rodent; 4. a person who works in secrecy; 5. a pathologic mass

molly (mollie) – n. – a small, North American freshwater fish of the genus Poecilia, bred for aquariums

moly – n. – 1 molybdenum, often used in alloys; 2. Mythology an herb with powerful, magical properties having a white flower and a black root