Homophones for load, lode, lowed

load / lode / lowed [lo:d]

load – n. & v. – n. – 1. the amount that is being carried, a quantity of a substance; 2. the gravitational pressure unto a structure; 3. burden, affliction; v. – 1. place cargo, burden or other substance upon something; 2. add a weight; 3. adulterate a product by dilution with some other compound; 4. weigh down, oppress

lode – n. – 1. waterway, channel; 2. a vein of ore; 3. guidance, a source of instruction

lowed – v. simple past and past participle of low – 1. abased, humbled; 2. diminished, depreciated; 3. made a deep soft sound like a cattle beast; 4. placed in a more subordinate position either physically or professionally; 5. hold or put in a level position