Homophones for limb, lim, limn

limb / lim / limn [lɪm]

limb – n. & v. – n. – 1. an extended part of an organism – either plant or animal; 2. the pieces of a suit of armor; 3. a subsection of an organization; 4. the edge or boundary of a surface; v. – 1. dismember; 2. remove branches from a tree; 3. provide extensions for oneself

lim – n. – 1. abbreviation of limit used in a number of equations; 2. a genetic domain with 50 to 60 amino acids (rich in cysteine and histidine) with two characteristic zinc fingers separated by two amino acids; they are generally grouped into four types dependent upon position and arrangement

limn – v. – 1. – History illuminate documents, letters, manuscripts; 2, adorn, embellish with precious metals or colours; 3. paint