Homophones for lends, lens, lense

lends / lens / lense [lɛns]

lends – n. & v.– n. pl. – 1. loans; 2. loins, buttocks; v. 3rd pers. sing., pres. of lend – 1. either arrives or leaves; 2. tarries, remains, dwells, abides; 3. grants temporary possession with expectation of return; 4. grants, bestows, imparts

lens – n. & v. – n. – 1. a transparent substance with two curved surfaces that cause changes in the convergence and divergence of waves; 2. the portion of the eye that focuses light; 3. Geology a body of ore or rock that is convex; v. – become gradually thinner to the point of extinction

lense – v. – make thin, macerate, become slender or of reduced thickness