Homophones for lechs, leks, lex

lechs / leks / lex [lɛks]

lechs – n.pl. of lech – stone monuments especially in ancient cultures, often termed cromlechs to indicate the circular nature of portions of them
Do Not Confuse With lechs [lɛtʃ] – n. pl. & v. 3rd pers. sing, pres. of lech – n. – 1. an inappropriate strong desire or longing; 2. a person who looks at another with immoral intent; v. – act or feel lustfully

leks – n. pl. of lek – 1. a courting ritual or the place where it takes place for certain birds; 2. a type of Albanian currency

lex – n. a variant of lax – 1. a type of salmon; 2. a specialized law