Homophones for lear, leer, lehr

lear / leer / lehr [li:r]

lear – n. – 1. learning - especially in doctrine or religion but also other areas; 2. binding for the edge of fabric; 3. a thickened sauce; 4. a colour of livestock due to the nature of the soil

leer – adj., n. & v. – adj. – empty, useless; 2. hungry; 3. sly, underhanded, looking askance; n. – 1. a side glance especially one of immodest desire or slyness; 2. face, countenance, complexion; 3. flank, loin or hollow under the ribs; v. – to look at with immodest desire

lehr – n. – a slow-cooling, tunnel-like furnace used for the annealing of glass