Homophones for leak, leek

leak / leek [li:k]

leak – adj., n. & v. – adj. – having small holes that all transference from one side of a barrier to the other; n. – 1. a small hole or break that allows the contents of a container to escape or environmental ones to enter; 2. an unapproved or inappropriate disclosure of sensitive information; 3. urination; v. – 1. gradually pass away or diminish; 2. transpire, become known in spite of concealment, allow disclosure; 3. provide the passage from one side of a barrier to the other such as water into a boat or air out of a balloon, slowly; 4. slang – urinate

leek – n. – a pungent plant, Allium porrum, which resembles an onion but is more cylindrical and has flat leaves; 2. something of little value; 3. a particular shade of green, often associated with Wales