Homophones for leader, lieder

leader / lieder [ˈli:dɜr]

leader – n. – 1. one who governs, directs or guides others, a commander, a captain; 2. one in front, foremost

lieder – n. – a type of three-part German folk song popular in the 19th century



Compassionate leaders use their influence to positively impact themselves, others and the planet.

~What is Compassionate Leadership? (2022) - Laurel Donnelian

On his new solo album, Russian star pianist, Denis Kozhukhin, presents a personal and colorful collection of character pieces taken from Mendelssohn's lieder 'Ohne Worte' and Edvard Grieg's 'Lyric Pieces.'

~Grieg and Mendelsshon - Lyric Pieces and Lieder Ohne Worte (2020) - Denis Kozhukhin

I have always found his expressive timbre to be ideally suited to lieder, but on this occasion, he communicated the pain of the protagonist better than one would think possible.

~Russell Braun's Inspired Winter Journey (2005) - Joseph So