Homophones for leach, leech

leach / leech [ˈli:ʧ]

leach – n. & v. – n. – 1. a strip of flesh; 2. a jellied dish consisting of sliced meats, fruits and vegetables; 3. a perforated vessel used for making lye from ashes; 4. the action of extracting salts; v. – 1. slice; 2. water, wet, soften, melt; 3. cause to percolate through a column or other material to extract specific fractions

leech – n. & v. – n. 1. a physician, a healer; 2. an aquatic blood sucking creature, Hirudo spp., which used to be used to extract blood from a patient; 3. one who drains another person of their resources; 4. either vertical edge of a square sail; v. – 1. cure, heal; 2. bleed someone – either physically or metaphorically