Homophones for lea, lee, li

lea / lee / li [li:]

lea – adj. & n. – adj. – unploughed, fallow; n. – 1. a tract of land or meadow often used in rhetorical or poetic forms; 2. ground; 3. a scythe; 4. a measure of yarn of varying lengths

lee – adj. & n. – adj. sheltered, pleasant; n. – 1. protection, shelter, rarely pl.; also, in phrases in, under (the) lee (of) both in material and immaterial senses. 2. a shelter; 3. the sediment deposited in the containing vessel from wine and some other liquids

li – n. – 1. a Chinese measurement often thought to approximate about 10 miles; 2. a Chinese weight equal to .001 liang or tael; 3. History – a Chinese cooking vessel of bronze or pottery with three hollow legs