Homophones for laury, lori, lorry, lory

laury / lori / lorry / lory [ˈlɔri]

laury – n. – the bay tree, Laurus nobilis

lori – n. – 1. one of multiple spelling for loris, a tree-living, nocturnal, slow-moving primate, of the genus Loris, found in Sri Lanka and southern India or larger, related primates of the genus Nycticebus; 2. short form for the rainbow lorikeet, part of more than 130 species and subspecies in the subfamily Loriinae, native to Australia and eastern Indonesia

lory (lorie) – n. – any one of a number of brightly coloured parrot-like birds found from southeastern Asia to Australia - members of the family Loriidae

lorry (lorrie) – n. – 1. a flat bed truck or railway car; 2. a transport truck used for shipping goods over land



There is three things that are never in danger of thunder nor
fire-slaught; that is to say, the laury tree; the second is the selch whilk
some men calls the sea wolf; the third thing is the eyrn," that flees sa

~Complaint of Scotland in A Compendious History of English Literature…(1861) – George Lillie Craik


He had sheltered underneath his lorry when he first saw the planes dropping bombs, and it exploded and caught fire.

~The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society (2008) - Mary Ann Shaffer and Annie Barrows


When we first came to New Guinea I had had a Japen Island lory, a rather dull and affectionate bird named Walter.

~The House in the Rainforest (1942) – Charis Crocket