Homophones for
laurel, lauryl, loral, lorel

laurel / lauryl / loral / lorel [ˈlɔrəl]

laurel – adj., n. & v. – adj. – renowned; n. – 1. a bay tree, Laurus nobilis, or any part of it; 2. the leaves from Laurus spp. used as an emblem of victory or distinction; 3. a salmon that has remained in fresh water during the summer; v. – wreathe with leaves in victory, proclaim the victor

lauryl – n. – Chemistry a crystalline, low-melting alcohol, CH3(CH2)10CH2OH formed from coconut oil etc. and used in soaps

loral – adj. – 1. related to the teaching of historical precepts, instructions, creeds, folk wisdom, knowledge; 2. related to the space between the eyes and bill in birds and similar positions in reptiles and fish

lorel – adj. & n. – adj. – useless; n. – a worthless person, a rogue, a rascal