Homophones for laps, lapse

laps / lapse [læps]

laps – n. pl. & v. pres. 3rd pers. sing. of lap – n. – 1. projecting pieces of a garment such as lapels, flaps, lappets etc.; 2. nutrient rich liquids; 3. drinking actions with smacking noises; 4. the amounts by which parts overlap; 5. acts of encircling in several different situations; 6. rotating disks used for cutting and polishing; v. – 1. drinks liquid with the tongue as opposed to slurping which involves suction as well; 2. coils, folds, wraps; 3. embraces, clasps; 4. puts hay in coils; 5. abrades, makes smooth; 6. overtakes runner on a set track

lapse – n. & v. – n. – 1. a decline in understanding, memory, skill etc. that is usually of very short duration; 2. termination of rights, privileges, licenses, contracts etc.; 3. a gentle downward motion; v. – 1. fall away slowly, deteriorate, decay; 2. fall into error either morally or in ability; 3. glide downward, sink, subside; 4. pass away