Homophones for lain, laine, lane

lain / laine / lane [lɛin]

lain – v. past part. of lie – 1. to place oneself or be in a prostrate position, horizontal to the ground; 2. to be situated on a horizontal surface; 3. to be buried; 4. to stretch or extend; 5. (usually followed by on or upon) to rest or weigh

laine – n. – 1. a type of high-grade, worsted woolen fabric; 2. a type of arable land named after a section in Sussex Downs, England

lane – n. – 1. a narrow road or way between buildings, hedges, fences, etc.; 2. any of the parallel strips into which the carriageway of a major road or motorway is divided; 3. any narrow well-defined route or course for ships or aircraft; 4. one of the parallel strips into which a running track or swimming pool is divided for races; 5. the long strip of wooden flooring down which balls are bowled in a bowling alley