Homophones for lade, laid

lade / laid [lɛid]

lade – v.– 1. tr. to put a load or burden on or in, furnish with freight or cargo; 2. tr. to lift or throw (a liquid) in or out with or as if with a ladle or dipper; 3. intr. to take on cargo, load; 4. intr. to take up or convey a liquid by dipping; 5. intr. burden

laid – adj., v. past part. of lay – adj. – 1. (of paper) watermarked with laid lines; 2. (of embroidery) made by couching; v. – 1. to put or set down; 2. to produce & deposit (an egg); 3. to deposit as a wager; 4. to press down smooth and even; 5. to set in order for a meal; 6. to prepare the outlines or details of; 7. to present for consideration, put forward; 8. intr. to apply oneself vigorously; 9. slang to have sexual intercourse