Homophones for la, law

la / law [lɒ:]

la – interj. & n. – interj. – an exclamation of surprise or emphasis; n. – (Music) the sixth note in a hexachord or octave

law – n. – a rule or set of rules, enforceable by courts regulating the relationship between the state and its subjects, and the conduct of subjects toward one another



A major scale starts with Do and uses notes from Do to Do. A minor scale starts on La uses the notes from La to La.
~ The Music Class: Sound Habits (2001) – Robert Sayer


A rule does not acquire sanctity in a day. It has an origin; it develops into a practice; it becomes a custom; and finally it acquires the status of an “ancient law”… A king who knows the law will never order the killing of an ambassador.
~ International law in Ancient India (1967) – Sri R. K. Dave