Homophones for knows, noes, nose

knows / noes / nose [noʊz]

knows – v. 3rd pers. sing. of know – (see)

noes (nos) – n. pl. of no – multiple negatives either for emphasis or when counting the number of votes in opposition

nose – n. & v. – n. – 1. the organ of smell and entrance to the respiratory tract, consisting of a prominent structure divided into two hair-lined air passages; 2. the sense of smell itself: in animals, the ability to follow trails by scent; 3. the scent, aroma, bouquet of something, especially wine; 4. instinctive skill in discovering things; 5. the forward part of a vehicle, aircraft, etc.; 6. narrow margin of victory; v. tr. – 1. (especially of horses, dogs, etc.) to rub, touch, or sniff with the nose; nuzzle; 2. to smell or sniff (wine, etc.) 3. intr. to search for by or as if by scent; 4. to move or cause to move forwards slowly and carefully; 5. to pry or snoop into or meddle in