Homophones for knocks, nocks, nox

knocks / nocks / nox [nɒks]

knocks – n. & v. – n. pl. – 1. raps or sounding blows announcing one’s presence; 2. misfortunes, adverse criticisms; 3. faulty combustion sounds in a combustion motor; v. 3rd pers. sing. of knock – 1. intr. raps sharply with the knuckles, a hard object, etc., on a door or entranceway to announce oneself to anyone inside; 2. tr. gives a blow or pushes to; 3. tr. makes or forces by striking; 4. tr. collides with; 5. tr. critique adversely

nocks – n. & v. – n. pl. – 1. a notch on an arrow that fits on the bowstring; 2. either of the grooves at each end of a bow that hold the bowstring; v. 3rd pres. sing of nock tr. – to fit (an arrow) on a bowstring

nox – n. – night