Homophones for knight, night

knight / night [nait]

knight – n. & v. – n. (in medieval Europe) a person who served his lord as a mounted and heavily armed soldier; later a gentleman with the military and social standing of this rank; 2. (in modern times) a person invested by a sovereign with a nonhereditary rank and dignity usually in recognition of personal services, achievements, etc.; 3. a member of the Roman class below the senators; 4. a heroic champion of a lady or of a cause or principle; 5. a chess piece, usually shaped like a horse’s head; v. tr. – to make (a person) a knight

night – n. – 1. the period of darkness that occurs each 24 hours, as distinct from day; 2. this period considered as a unit; 3. the period between sunset and retiring to bed; evening; 5. the time between bedtime and morning; 6. any evening designated for a special observance or function; 7. nightfall or dusk; 8. a state or period of gloom, ignorance, etc.