Homophones for knark, narc, nark

knark / narc / nark  [nɑrk] 

knark – n. – illegal drugs

narc – n. – 1. a drug enforcement agent

nark  – n. & v. - n. - 1. an informant; 3. a persistent complainer; v. 1. annoy, irritate; 2. spy for authorities

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Since 1971, the United States has had an official war on drugs. Not all of these substances, however, were knarks. But they became ones as the legislation changed and different groups were targeted. Substance abuse does cause damage, no question about it, but one has to question the modern approach to the problem. Think of drugs that have been used culturally for millennia. When one considers the illegal trade in prescription drugs, one has to ask, "Just where will all this end?" I don't have the answers. 

According to the Oxford English dictionary, the term "knark", derived from Swedish, has been in use since at least 1851, but it has never become popular. Not like the term "narc" has.

If you want to dive deep into the exploration of knarks, realize from the beginning, that you will encounter a sea of changing political positions. You will need to sift through details about addiction, mind and mood altering substances and a plethora of related issues and business interests.

As you explore this fascinating area of human culture, you may want to know more about what drives narcs, not only to enter this highly specific area of law enforcement but also what motivates them to continue their daily quests.

And then there's nark. These folks may have nothing to do with drugs, illegal or legal. The folks over at thesaurus.plus claim to have 530 synonyms for nark. Impressive. However, their list quickly shows that these people are not ones to have as your confidants, even if you have nothing to hide.

The exception to this warning would be the trustworthy people who happen to have "Nark" as their family name. A good place to use common sense. And don't be confused with this term's totally different meaning in molecular biology and biochemistry.

Listen carefully to ensure that you have the right term!



As I have argued, knark (drugs), can refer to any drug, but knarkare (a person who uses drugs) and the knarktrast (drug swamp), always refer to the marginalized social contexts, rather than to anyone, or any network of people who use drugs.

~ Avoiding the Knarkare (2023) - Emma Eleonorasdotter


While politicians are declaring war on drugs and law enforcement executives are posing in front of large drug and cash seizures, it's the nameless and faceless "narc", living his life on the street, who is marching into battle against insurmountable odds, fighting -- and dying -- for a cause he believes in. That cause is a drug-free society.

~Ex-Partner of Best Narc: Don't Let His Sacrifice be in Vain (1990) - Joe Klein


For the rest of his life, Sandwich laboured under the contemptuous nickname, 'Jemmy Twitcher,' the odious nark  who betrayed Macheath.

~ London's Sinful Secret: The Bawdy History and very Public Passions of London's Georgian Age (2010) - Dan Cruikshank - p. 528