Homophones for idle, idol, idyll

idle / idol / idyll [ˈaidəl]

idle – adj., v. & n. – adj. – 1. (of a person) not working, lazy, indolent, having a dislike for work or activity; 2. (of a thing) not in use, not moving or in operation; 3. (of time) unoccupied; 4. (of a thought, speculation, etc.) groundless, baseless); 5. useless; 6. (of money) out of circulation; v. intr. – 1. (of an engine) runs slowly without doing work; 2. be idle, pass the time in idleness; n. – 1. the act of idling; 2. idling speed of an engine; 3. an idle person

idol – n. – 1. an image of a deity, etc., used as an object of worship; 2. a false god; 3. a person or thing that is the object of excessive or supreme adulation (teen idol); 4. Archaic a phantom

idyll – n. – 1. a short description in use or prose of a picturesque scene or incident, especially in rustic; 2. an episode suitable for such treatment; 3. a blissful period or scene