Homophones for house, how’s, hows

house / how’s / hows [haʊz]

house – v. – 1. provide with a dwelling place or other accommodation; 2. store goods, etc.; 3. Naut. place in a secure or sheltered position; 4. enclose or encase; 4. fix (a piece of wood, etc.) in a socket, joint, motise, etc.;
Do Not Confuse With house [haʊs] n. – 1. a building for human habitation; 2. a building for a special purpose; 3. a religious community; 4. a group of students living in the same building at a boarding school; 5. British a college of a university; 6. a family; 7. a firm or institution.

how’s – contraction of how is

hows – interj., & n. – interj. – a greeting attributed to the North American Indians; n. pl. of how – the ways anything is done