Homophones for hole, whole

hole / whole [ˈho:l]

hole – n. & v. – n. – 1. an empty space in a solid body; 2. an animal’s burrow; 3. a cavity or receptacle into which a ball must be propelled in certain games (e.g. golf); 4. small, mean or dingy abode; 5. a dungeon or prison cell; 6. awkward or embarrassing situation; 7. a deep place in a river, stream, etc.; v. – 1. make a hole or holes in; 2. pierce the side; 3. put into a hole; 4. send or put into a hole (i.e. in golf)

whole – adj., adv. & n. – adj. – 1. not less than, all there is of, entire, complete; 2. unbroken, intact; 3. containing all the proper or essential constituents; 4. healthy, uninjured; adv. – in every way, entirely; n. – 1. a thing made up of combined or connected parts complete in itself; 2. all there is of a thing; 3. all members, inhabitants, etc.