Homophones for he’ll, heal, heel

he’ll / heal / heel [hi:l]

he’ll – cont. – he will, he shall

heal – v. intr. & tr. – 1. intr. become sound or healthy again; 2. tr. cause to be cured or made sound again; 3. tr. repair, correct; 4. tr. alleviate; 5. intr. recover from mental trauma

heel – n. & v. – n. – 1. the back part of the foot below the ankle; 2. a covering for this region in a sock, shoe, boot, etc.; 3. a thing like a heel in form and position; 4. the crust end of a loaf of bread; 5. a person regarded with contempt or disapproval; 6. a command to a dog to walk close to a person’s foot; 7. Nautical the after end of a ships keel and the lower end of the sternpost to which it is connected; v. – 1. fit or renew a heel in a shoe or boot; 2. touch the ground with the heel in dancing; 3. (of a dog) follow obediently