Homophones for hecks, hex

hecks / hex [hɛks]

hecks – n. – 1. the lower half of a divided door, an inner door; 2. (chiefly Scottish) a wooden rack for holding fodder; 3. a wooden grating set across a stream to obstruct the passage of fish; 4. a device or a vertical frame for controlling warp threads in textile manufacturing

hex – adj., n. & v. – adj. – hexagonal; n. – 1. a magic spell; 2. a witch; 3. Computing hexadecimal, base 16; 4. a ‘star’ made with six lines much like an ‘x’ superimposed on a ‘l’ with each arm being equal, a type of asterisk or a six-sided symbol; v. – 1. practise witchcraft; 2. bewitch