Homophones for heaume, holm, home

heaume / holm / home / mhom  [hoʊm]

heaume – n. – a large helmet chiefly of the 13th century worn over a hood of mail or close-fitting steel cap and supported by the shoulders rather than the head

holm – n. – an evergreen oak, Quercus ilex, with holly-like young leaves

home – adj., adv., n. & v. – adj. – related to a place of origin or residence; adv. – 1. related to one’s place of origin or residence; 2. to the point aimed at; n. – 1. the place where one lives; 2. the members of a family collectively; 3. ancestral land – country; 4. an institution to care for people; 5. place of origin; v. – 1. to return to a place of residence; 2. be guided to a specific destination; 3. provide with a home

mhom - n. - a traditional Thai fermented beef sausage