Homophones for haws, hawse

haws / hawse [hɒz]

haws – n. & v. – n. pl. of haw – 1. enclosed yards; 2. Hawthorne berries or similar fruit from the genus Viburum or one of these plants; 3. an inflamed nictitating membrane of a domesticated mammal; v. 3rd pers. sing. pres. – 1. injects this sound or similar one into one’s speech during a pause; 2. cry to a draft animal to turn left; 3. turn left

hawse – n. – 1. the space between the head of an anchored vessel and the anchors; 2. the arrangement of cables when a ship is moored with port and starboard forward anchors; 3. the part in the ship’s bow that has the pipes and holes for the anchors