Homophones for hail, hale

hail / hale [hɛil]

hail – n. & v. – n. – pellets of frozen rain falling in showers from cumulonimbus clouds; v. – 1. tr. [often foll. by as] acclaim, commend, or endorse vigorously (hailed him king; hailed as a success); 2. originate from

hale – adj. & v. – adj. – strong, healthy; n. – 1. the act of hauling; 2. a haul or catch of fish; 3. in the plural, the two handles of a wheelbarrow or plough; v. – 1. drag or draw forcibly; 2. make whole, heal

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Whether you're looking at ancient history or modern history, hail is noted when there is a lot of destruction. Recent storms have recorded damages in the billions and loss of life. But then we find this word turning up in expressions of praise such as "Hail, Ceasar," so be careful to see the financial and political ramifications of this word. Cheering for a tyrant may be more deadly than natural catastrophes.

You may find yourself attracting the wrong kind of attention!


This is often found with hearty. Expressing that something or some one is in excellent shape. Since it reflects a robust nature, many business folk have taken it to describe their products. It's also a surname. But it is not a greeting or those chunks of ice that fall from the sky. 


Not until he stood at the altar did he achieve a sense of being hale and furnished.

~The Celebrant (2020) - Charles Tennyson Turner

Both hail and wind can cause lower fiber quantity and fields must be protected from these weather conditions.

~A Review of Hemp as a Sustainable Agricultural Commodity (2018) - Guadalupe Wright (coordinator)