Homophones for grays, graze, grèses

grays / graze / grèses [ɡrɛɪz]

grays (grey) – n. pl. – 1. (gray spelling only) SI units of absorbed radiation equal to one joule per kilogram; 2. shades or colours between white and black, also used in several names of animals; 3. dullness, lacking hope; v. 3rd sing. pres. – 1. becomes duller, or a shade between black and white; 2. grows older

graze – n. & v. – n. – 1. a light glance or touch; 2. superficial abrasion; v. – 1. feed intermittently on grasses etc.; 2. eat irregularly in small quantities; 3. brush lightly; 4. ricochet

grèses – n.pl. – stoneware especially types from France and decorated