Homophones for grade, grayed

grade / grayed [grɛɪd]

grade – n. & v. – n. – 1. a degree in rank, merit, proficiency, quality, etc.; 2. stage in a process; 3. a mark indicating the quality of work; 4. North America a level in school; 5. a slope; 6. where the ground meets the foundation of a building; 7. a variety of cattle produced by crossing native stock with a superior breed; v. tr. – 1. arrange in or allocate levels, classes, sorts; 2. pass gradually between levels; 3. blend so as to affect the degree of colour with tints passing into each other; 4. reduce a road, etc., to easy or no gradients; 5. cross livestock with a better breed

grayed – v. tr. & intr. past tense – 1. make or become grey; 2. become older, age