Homophones for goo, gou, goût

goo / gou / goût [gu:]

goo – n. – 1. a sticky or slimy substance; 2. sickly sentiment; v. – make inarticulate, sentimental sounds

gou – n. – a fresh water drum, white perch, Aplodinatus grunniens, found in the Great Lakes and Mississippi watersheds; v. – look intently

goût – n. – 1. ability to discriminate flavours; 2. fondness, relish; 3. savour of food; 4. fashionable style in taste
Do Not Confuse With gout British [ɡaʊt] – n. – 1. a disease with inflammation of the smaller joints, especially the big toe, as a result of excess uric acid salts in the blood; 2. a sluice, a culvert