Homophones for gofer, goffer, gopher

gofer / goffer / gopher [ˈgəʊfɜr]

gofer – n. – 1. a thin batter cake, a waffle; 2. one who runs errands for someone else

goffer – n. – 1. a tool; 2. an ornamental pleated trim used for women’s accessories and clothing; 3. a canned fizzy drink; 4. a mouthful of sea water; v. – press fine, evenly spaced pleats

gopher – n. – 1. a burrowing vertebrate, i.e., rodent of the genera Geomys, Thomomys, land tortoise, genus Testudo or snakes of the family Colubridae; 2. people from Arkansas, Florida or Minnesota; 3. the yellow-wood tree, Cladrastis tinctoria; v. – 1. dig or burrow; 2. mine on a small-scale or haphazard way.