Homophones for gnu, knew, new, nu

gnu / knew / new / nu [nu:]

gnu – n. – a wildebeest, a South African animal resembling an ox and belonging to the antelope family (Catoblepas gnu), not to be confused with the brindled gnu which is a different species (Catoblepas gorgon).

knew – v. past tense of know – recognized, acknowledged, perceived, distinguished

new – adj., adv. n., v. – adj. – 1. of something that did not previously exist; 2. novel, original; 3. something not previously known or encountered; 4. fresh, young, recent; adv. – recently, lately, afresh; n. – something or someone who has not previously been in the position or existence; v. – regenerate, revive, restore; 2. change, create differently

nu – n. – thirteenth letter of the Greek alphabet, also in astronomy as the thirteen star of a constellation