Homophones for
gnap, knap, nap, nape, nappe

gnap / knap / nap / nape / nappe [næp] 

gnap – n. & v. – n. a morsel of food; v. snap, take small bites

knap – n. & v. - n. the top of a hill; v. break off pieces especially to shape a thing

nap – n. & v. – n. a short period of sleep; 2. hairy or fuzzy surface on fabric; v. 1. sleep for a short time especially during the day, doze; 2. make a recommendation for a bet

nape– n. – 1. a tablecloth (from the French nappe); 2. a kind of turnip, esp. the French turnip, Brassica napus; 3. an ascending ridge of ground          Do Not Confuse With nape [neip] – n. – the back of the neck

nappe – n. – 1. a large sheet of folded rock; 2. sheet of water flowing over the top of a dam