Homophones for frees, freeze, frieze

frees / freeze / frieze [fri:z]

frees – 3rd pers. pres. sing. of free – 1. make free; set at liberty; 2. followed by of or from relieve from something undesirable; 3. disengage, disentangle

freeze – v. & n. – v. – 1. tr & intr. turn or be turned into ice or another solid by cold; 2. intr. be or feel very cold; 3. tr & intr. cover or become covered with ice; 4. tr. to preserve food by refrigeration below freezing point; 5. tr. & intr. make or become motionless or powerless through fear, surprise, etc., or when ordered to do so; 6. tr. informal make part of the bod insensitive to pain, especially by injection of a local anaesthetic; 7. tr. make (credits, assets, etc.) temporarily or permanently unavailable; 8. tr. fix or stabilize (prices, wages, etc.) at a certain level; 9. tr. to prohibit the manufacture, sale, use or development of (e.g. nuclear weapons; 10. tr. arrest an action at a certain stage of development

frieze – n. – 1. any broad, horizontal band of sculpted, painted, or other decoration, especially along a wall near the ceiling; 2. a horizontal paper strip bearing pictures, decorations, etc., for mounting on a wall; 3. in classical architecture, the part of an entablature between the architrave and the cornice; 4. a horizontal band of sculpture filling this