Homophones for foul, fowl

foul / fowl [ˈfaʊl]

foul – adj., n. adv., & v. – adj. – 1. offensive to the senses; loathsome; stinking; 2. dirty, soiled, filthy; 3. revolting, disgusting; 4. angry or disagreeable; 5. morally offensive; 6. unfair, against the rules of a game; 7. in baseball, of or relating to a foul ball or foul line; 8. of the weather, wet, rough, stormy; n. – 1. in sports, an unfair or invalid stroke or piece of play; 2. a collision or entanglement, especially in riding, rowing or running; 3. a foul thing; adv. – 1. unfairly, contrary to the rules; 2. in baseball, outside the foul lines; v. – 1. tr.& intr. make or become foul or dirty; 2. in baseball, to hit a pitched ball foul; 3. commit a foul against a player; 4. intr. become entangled, jammed or clogged; 5. tr. informal – spoil, bungle

fowl – n. & v. – n. – 1. any domestic cock or hen of various gallinaceous birds, kept for eggs and flesh; 2. the flesh of birds, especially a domestic cock or hen, as food; 3. in combination, a bird; v. – catch or hunt wildfowl