Homophones for
foreward, foreword, forward

foreward / foreword/ forward [ˈforwɜrd]

foreward – adj., n. & v. – n. – 1. agreement, promise; 2. the first line in an army or something resembling it, a leading edge; v. – to guard or fortify the front part of an army

forward – adj., adv., n. & v. – adj. – 1. directed or moving toward a point in advance, onward, towards the future; 2. situated in, at or near the front; 3. Nautical belonging to the forepart of a ship; 4. bold in manner; presumptuous; 5. in business, relating to future produce, delivery, etc.; adv. – 1. to the front, into prominence; 2. into a position for consideration or discussion; 3. in advance; ahead; 4. onward so as to make progress; n. – 1. the fore end of a barge or other craft; 2. one of a body of players (in football, hockey, etc.) whose duty is to be foremost in the attack; v. tr. – 1. send a letter, etc., on to a further destination; 2. help to advance, promote; 3. advance a videotape, etc., forward

foreword – n – introductory remarks at the beginning of a book, often by a person other than the author