Homophones for for, fore, four

for / fore / four [for]

for – prep. & conj. – prep. – 1. in the interest or to the benefit of; intended to go to; 2. in defence, support or favour of; 3. suitable or appropriate to; 4. with reference to; regarding; so far as concerns; 5. representing or in place of; 6. in exchange against; 7. as the price of; the amount of; 8. as the penalty of; 9. in requital of; 10. as a reward for; conj. – because, since, seeing that

fore – adj., n., interj. – adj. – situated in front; n. – the front part, especially of a ship; interj. – Golf a warning to a person in the path of a ball

four – n. & adj. – n. – 1. one more than three, or six less than ten, the product or sum of two units and two units; 2. a symbol for this; 3. a size, etc., denoted by four; 4. a set or team of four persons or things; 5. a four-oared rowboat or its crew; 6. four o’clock; 7. a card with four pips; adj. – that amount to four