Homophones for
florescence, fluorescence, fluorescents

florescence / fluorescence [floˈrɛsəns]

florescence – n. – the process, state, or time of flowering

fluorescence – n. – 1. the visible or invisible radiation produced from certain substances as a result of incident radiation of a shorter wavelength, as X-rays, ultraviolet light, etc.; 2. the property of absorbing light of short invisible wavelength and emitting light of longer, visible wavelength

fluorescents - n.pl. of florescent, types of lights with tubes containing mercury in a partial vacuum, that are being used to replace incandescent bulbs and be more energy efficient

NOTE: both florescent and fluorescent  [flɔˈrɛsənt] are valid adjectives and as such never take a plural form.

florescent - adj. - bursting into bloom, beginning to flower

fluorescent - adj. - having a very bright glow or vibrant colour