Homophones for floe, flow

floe / flow [flo:]

floe – n. – a sheet of floating ice

flow – v. & n. – v. intr. – 1. glide along as a stream; 2. (of a liquid, especially water) spring or well up, gush out; 3. (of blood, tears, etc.) be spilled; 4. (of blood, money, electric current, etc.) circulate; 5. (of talk, literary style, etc.) proceed easily and smoothly; 6. (especially of the tide) come in, rise and advance; 7. (followed by with) archaic – abound in or be plentifully supplied with; n. – 1. a flowing movement in a stream; 2. continuous movement, outpouring; 3. the incoming or rise of a tide or a tidal river; 4. the gradual deformation of a rock or metal under stress, without practice or loss of cohesion