Homophones for flew, flu, flue

flew / flu / flue [flu:]

flew – v. past of fly – 1. move through the air with wings; 2. intr. travel through the air or through space; 3. tr. & intr. control or pilot the flight of an aircraft; 4. go, move or travel quickly; 5. North American informal – meeting with approval, acceptance; 6. intr. attack or criticize fiercely; 7. become suddenly or violently angry

flu – n. – informal influenza, a viral respiratory disease

flue – n. – 1. a duct for the passage of smoke, waste gases, etc., in a chimney; 2. a channel for conveying heat; 3. a tube for heating water in some kinds of boilers; 4. the airway of a flue pipe in an organ