Homophones for filé, fillet, filet

filé / fillet / filet [fɪˈlei]

filé – n. – powdered sassafras leaves used to thicken and season some soups, stews, and gumbos in Creole cooking

fillet – n. & v. – n. – 1. a strip or compact piece of boneless meat or fish; 2. Architecture a thin, flat moulding used as separation between or ornamentation for larger mouldings; 3. a ridge between the indentations of a fluted column; 4. a narrow decorative line impressed on the cover of a book; v. tr. – 1. to bind or decorate with a compact strip; 2. to slice bone or make into fillets;
Do Not Confuse With fillet [fɪˈlɪt] – a narrow strip of ribbon or similar material, often worn as a headband

filet – n. – a net or lace with a simple pattern of squares