Homophones for festal, festel

festal / festel ['fɛst(ǝ)]

festal - adj. & n. - adj. related to a feast day or holiday; n. - a rite of celebration

festel - n. - an old term for a clasp


Althought many thinks that the second is just a misspelling of the first, a quick Google search will show that they are sadly mistaken. 

Even though the second can and is used as a surname, the products that show this word as part of their description,  have elements of the old idea of a clasp retained either in shape or in function. . Definitely not the word with the -al ending. 

When trying to remember which is which just think , the celebrations goes with the A-list, and you'll get it right every time.

baboons festal watermelon delights

These  wild baboons raided the fruit stash of desert hikers and poceeded to party - definitely enjoying festal treats under the close scrutiny of a lead male