Homophones for feral, ferrule, ferule

feral / ferrule / ferule [ˈfɛrəl]

feral – adj. – 1. existing in a wild or untamed state; having returned to an untamed state from domestication; 2. of or suggestive of a wild animal, savage

ferrule (ferrel) – n. & v. – n. – 1. a band or cap placed around a pole or shaft for reinforcement; 2. a bushing used to secure a pipe joint; 3. the frame of a slate; v. – to fit with a band for reinforcement or protection

ferule – n. & v. – n. – 1. a plant or stalk related to fennel which is used to make canes; 2. an instrument such as a cane used in punishing children; v. tr. – to beat or strike with a ferule